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Ninth Annual Catamaran Literary Reader Artists Exhibit

Opening Reception First Friday September 2, 5-8 pm.

We are thrilled to once again host the Catamaran Magazine Art Exhibit during the month of September.  Catamaran is a quarterly literature and art magazine founded and published in Santa Cruz by Catherine Segurson.  Once a year we display many of the beautiful works of art that have appeared in the magazine over the past year.  It is always a captivating and inspiring exhibit with both local notables and state and nationally recognized artists.  Artists include Christina Sayers, Jane Zich, Christina Waters, Virginia Draper, Jeffrey Carr, Roland Peterson, Frank Hyder, Gregory Hom, Victoria May, Michael Allen, Peter Hiller, Burt Levitsky, Anthony Torranon, Claire Thornson, Shellby Graham, Rex Wilder, Dixie Salazar, Danny Torvik.

Fall Issue Launch Event Saturday September 17,5-7 pm

Gallery Hours Thursday-Sunday 1-4 pm


Image Credit:  To the Point a Single Cloud, 2000, Acrylic on Canvas, 38.5 x 38", Roland Peterson.




The Call of the Surf: Riding California Waves

First Friday Reception August 5,  5-8 pm

Patrick Tehan photography.  Patrick was inspired by surfers when he worked for the Orange County Register and was sent on assignment to Huntington Beach.  He was struck by the sheer beauty of the sport of surfing, the iconic surfboards, the crashing waves, the endless horizon of the Pacific Ocean.  He felt compelled to capture the incredible passion and dedication of so many who literally live to ride the waves.  These photos were made during his nine years in Southern California and twenty-eight years in Santa Cruz County.  This show is his appreciation for all the surfers he has been privileged to photograph and includes surfing legends such as Jay Moriarty, Zach Wormhoudt, Jack O'Neill, Peter Mel, Darryl "Flea" Virostko and others.  

Exhibit runs July 1 - August 28.

Gallery hours:  Thursday - Sunday, 1-4 pm

New Gallery Hours

New Gallery Hours

Effective July 2, 2022

Thursday - Sunday 1- 4 pm and by appointment.  


Two Trails

Mary Alice Copp- HERE TODAY

Opening Reception:  First Friday June 3, 5-8 pm

Artist's Talk:  Sunday, June 5, 2 pm

Exhibit runs Jue 3 - June 28. Hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 1-4 pm and by appointment.  

831-458-1217 or 831=234-6813

Twelve new paintings by Mary Alice Copp of our precious local landscape as it is today:  our redwoods, eucalyptus, oaks, lagoons and lakes.  Also by Copp is a room-size mural of geometric paintings.  The two bodies of work are related in their use of color, movement and dynamics.  

The title HERE TODAY refers not only to the subject matter, but also Copp's continued rapt involvement with painting after more than 55 years at the easel.  


Jennifer Dayton Johnson- “Domestic Reverie”


Opening First Friday June 3, 5-8 pm.  Exhibit runs June 3 - June 28.

Jennifer's paintings are meditations on the beauty found in the everyday.  She collects objects that embody history and craftsmanship in the spaces she inhabits.  These objects are arranged according to color and form, to create tableaus that tell a story.  Both still lifes and abstract compostions, pattern prevails  It prevails both in the litera rendering of textiles, and in the way lights and darks interact.  

Robert Blitzer

Robert Blitzer paintings and sculpture

Robert Blitzer paintings and sculpture

Robert Blitzer will be displaying some of his paintings and sculpture incuding new work at Cafe Iveta, 2125 Delaware Avenue, Santa Cruz during the months of September and October.  Stop by, grab a drink and a scone and check it out! Wings of Recognition-recently ...

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New Gallery Hours

Effective July 2, 2022 Thursday – Sunday 1- 4 pm and by appointment.   831-458-1217