Jean Edelstein

Jean Edelstein

Jean Edelstein seeks the sacred. As she deploys the creative to approach the Divine, her art resonates with spirit. Edelstein’s elegant aesthetic is melded with finely honed craftsmanship and expansive inventiveness into abstract icons, inspirational figural studies, innovative performances and compassionate political commentaries.

Bali Series 1989-91

“Her movement as she paints was live as that of the dancers. In a relatively short time, she transferred the number of movements of the Ramayana fragment onto her wide canvas. ‘Though as I painted that night I had no idea what the work was going to look like, now I can really see what I have accomplished.’ she said. After such performance, she frequently found that she had done something remarkable.”

~ translated from the Indonesian, Kedaulatan Rakyat, Yogykarta, Indonesia

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