A Figurative Affair 2013

A Figurative Affair 2013

Red Dress, by Linda Christensen
“Red Dress” by Linda Christensen

“A Figurative Affair,” which has become an annual event in Santa Cruz, is scheduled to open on March 1st and will run through April 20th. Co-curators Susan Hancey, Sefla Joseph, and Carol Bowie, who joined the curating team this year, bring together some of Santa Cruz’s most exciting figurative painters and sculptors: artists Susana Arias, Barbara Bartels, Hildy Bernstein, Bonni Carver, Linda Christensen, Barbara Downs, Michele Giulvezan-Tanner, Stephanie Heit, Bridget Henry, Howard Ikemoto, Carol Jeneid, Sefla Joseph, James McElheron, Ron Milhoan, Laura Rice, Ronna Schulkin; and sculptors Robert Blitzer, Carol Bowie, Lila Klapman, and Lisa Silas.

The show will open with a reception on First Friday, March 1st, from 5 to 9. The Blitzer Gallery in support of the Women’s Health Center of Santa Cruz will give a portion of the proceeds from a $5 donation at the door. Each artist expresses the human figure in a distinct and powerful way; the wide spectrum of styles presents an intriguing window into the variety and high quality of figurative art in the Santa Cruz area.








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