Ninth Annual Catamaran Literary Reader Artists Exhibit

Ninth Annual Catamaran Literary Reader Artists Exhibit

Opening Reception First Friday September 2, 5-8 pm.

We are thrilled to once again host the Catamaran Magazine Art Exhibit during the month of September.  Catamaran is a quarterly literature and art magazine founded and published in Santa Cruz by Catherine Segurson.  Once a year we display many of the beautiful works of art that have appeared in the magazine over the past year.  It is always a captivating and inspiring exhibit with both local notables and state and nationally recognized artists.  Artists include Christina Sayers, Jane Zich, Christina Waters, Virginia Draper, Jeffrey Carr, Roland Peterson, Frank Hyder, Gregory Hom, Victoria May, Michael Allen, Peter Hiller, Burt Levitsky, Anthony Torranon, Claire Thornson, Shellby Graham, Rex Wilder, Dixie Salazar, Danny Torvik.

Fall Issue Launch Event Saturday September 17,5-7 pm

Gallery Hours Thursday-Sunday 1-4 pm


Image Credit:  To the Point a Single Cloud, 2000, Acrylic on Canvas, 38.5 x 38″, Roland Peterson.



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